• NanoVACQ FullRadio

    NanoVACQ FullRadio Pressure and temperature loggers with FullRadio option and their transceiver.

  • VACQ uFlat

    VACQ uFlat Ultra flat logger with 3 thermocouple channels.

  • VACQ xFlat

    VACQ xFlat 4 to 16 thermocouple channels. Available with Radio or FullRadio option.

  • NanoVACQ Temperature

    NanoVACQ Temperature 1 to 3 rigid, semi-rigid or flexible temperature probes.With FullRadio option.


    VACQ III Temperature measurement in ceramics, bricks and tiles curing processes.

. Design and manufacturing of measurement systems for harsh industrial environments.
. Research and development of technological innovations for industrial measurement.
. Data loggers for physical parameters, real time data transmission, industry driven software.
. Solutions for process validation, quality control, process control...
. Customized engineering for industrial measurement solutions.